About Me

An Ottawa native, who loves to laugh, learn and eat! I take leisure and all things related very seriously. Travel junkie, animal lover, sports fan, volunteer, tour guide, and most recently; Shopify onboarding program manager. 

I've always been involved in the community I live in, as well as the workplace. I'm currently volunteering with an organization called HEROS where we use the game of ice hockey to teach life-skills and empower at risk youth. In my current role, I'm onboarding groups of 10-20+ people every 2 weeks. I love being the person who gets to help you experience your first week at a new job. I'm passionate for shared experiences and collaborating towards a common goal. 
I love sports, mainly hockey, volleyball and baseball. But I'm always up to try something new! I love travelling, but I also love being a tourist in my own city. Discovering new things about Ottawa when you've lived here your whole life reminds how special a place it is.